Doing business in America

Are you thinking of doing business in the US? No matter which stage of business you’re at, we’ll help you do business overseas with ease.

We are well versed in the challenges of building and growing international businesses and we can make it a simple process for you. We understand global entrepreneurs need an advisor who can keep up with them. Our accountants will make sure you understand all your tax, accounting and legal requirements and will providing ongoing support as well.

Challenges when starting business in America

Starting business in a new country isn’t an easy task. It’s an exciting time but there are many challenges that international business owners just wouldn’t be aware of. We’ll make sure you’re ready to do business in the United States by helping you choose the right type of legal business entity and where to form it. Damas Tax Advisors will also create a plan to reduce your taxes, ensure you’ve completed all federal and state registration and get you set up on the right technology for your business. This includes choosing the right accounting, e-commerce and merchant platforms.

Understanding sales tax

Staying compliant and on the right side of the law isn’t particularly easy in the US. Sales tax can be really confusing as it varies between states. Our team stay on top of all these laws, regulations and government requirements so we can tell you where you need to file sales tax and ensure you lodge all necessary forms.

Growing a business

So you’ve started your business, you’re producing revenue but you need to grow. How do you do it? Our team at Damas Tax Advisors are here to make it simple. We take the stress out of this time by making sure you stay on top of your accounting and tax requirements. We can prepare annual business and personal tax returns, prepare and file all your federal and state forms and ensure your payroll system is set up correctly. We also offer monthly accounting services including sales tax payments because we understand the importance of accurate data. Lastly, we can deliver proactive productivity advisory services to help you manage your cash flow and forecast your growth. With our knowledge and insight, you’ll be on track to reach your goals.

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