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Our productivity services are all about giving you the right tools and information to grow your business. We’ll make sure you’re on the right track from the start, with a focus on helping you reach your goals.

Prepare for the future

Budgeting and forecasting tools can be confusing if you’re not regularly using them. Damas Tax Advisors love to handle this stuff! We understand how important it is to have a good budget for your business. It helps you assess performance, prepare for the future and make key changes in your business. We can create a budget, forecast and plan that keeps you and your team on track.

Manage your cashflow

Damas Tax Advisors will also help you with cashflow. We know it’s a problem for many businesses and we have the expertise to help out. With our detailed cashflow plans you’ll be able to see how cash flows in and out of your business and understand which areas need improvement. Talk to Damas Tax Advisors and get out of that cashflow squeeze today.

Understand business performance

How can you make smart business decisions without the right information. If you don’t understand what’s happened in your business already and which direction you’re heading in, you won’t be able to grow. We’ll prepare a detailed financial performance report with graphs, charts and visual indicators of how your business is running. This report shows you your strengths and weaknesses and where to improve. But we don’t just leave it at that. We’re actually here to help. Our team will give you advice that helps you grasp the “low hanging fruit” opportunities in your business.

Plan ahead

We speak to many business owners who are working long hours, trying to juggle business and family life. It gets overwhelming and doesn’t leave much time at the end of the day. We get it, we’re business owners too. When business owners get busy, there are a few things that tend to get dropped and strategic planning is one of them. It’s hard to make the time to prepare for the future when the present is so busy. But an important part of running a business is working on the business. We make this process really simple. We’ll work with you to create a plan that’s specific to you, your business and your goals. Then we’ll give you the guidance and support to put it into action. We’ll sit down with you regularly to check how you’re going and make changes as needed.

Check your progress

You’ll get so much more than just a set of reconciled accounts from us. Damas Tax Advisors actually want you to improve your productivity and profitability. We’ll prepare a report package that contains your profit and loss statements, balance sheet and cashflow analysis reports. We also prepare detailed visual graphs and charts to show you how you’ve performed in the last period. You can monitor your business’ performance with our monthly management reporting service which are all based on your KPIs and goals. Talk to our team to find out more about our advanced business reporting and forecasting tools.

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