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Get your finances in order with Quickbooks Online. Learn how to easily track sales, expenses, and produce financial reports with our expert Quickbooks Online Training and free video tutorials.

Stop losing receipts or working double. You do not have time for that anymore! Switch to Quickbooks Online to easily track your sales, expenses and produce useful financial reports. Have all your ducks in a row at tax time. Quickbooks Online will get you to the next step on the road to success and with our expert guidance the trip becomes shorter and more pleasurable.

At Damas Tax Advisors we will train you, configure Quickbooks Online to match your industry standards, create templates for your reports, and provide continuous support. Some of the topics included in our free video resources are mentioned below. For detailed video instructions, scroll to the bottom of the page. We are here to help you, give us a call to find out how we can make it easier to start in Quickbooks Online.

How to use bank rules in QuickBooks Online

A bank rule looks at transactions coming in from your bank or credit card and then either adds them to your books automatically or pre-categorizes them for you to review. Learning to set up rules is one time saving task that you should not skip.

How to set up your products & services

QuickBooks Online comes with some basic products and services but setting up your own gives you more accurate reports and helps to save you time later.

How to set up sales tax

If you sell taxable products or services, QuickBooks Online helps you track how much sales tax to charge. If you use this feature, you should know how much you need to pay when you file your state and local sales tax.

How to connect your bank & credit card accounts

Connecting your bank and credit card accounts to QuickBooks Online is the fastest way to accurately record your company’s financial transactions.

How to reconcile accounts

In this QuickBooks Online video you’ll learn how to reconcile an account along with:
– Learn about what accounts should be reconciled and when
– Enter the Ending Balance and Ending Date for a reconciliation
– Compare your bank or credit card statement to QuickBooks’ records with a reconciliation
– Look up reports about a reconciliation
How to fix beginning balance issues when reconciling QuickBooks Online

When you reconcile your books in QuickBooks Online you might see an alert saying your beginning balance is off. This means something changed in month you already reconciled. Here are the four reasons this could happen:

  • The amount of a transaction changed
  • Someone unreconciled a transaction in the register
  • Someone added a transaction to a past reconciliation on accident
  • Someone deleted a transaction.


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