Xero Expert Trainers

Stop losing receipts or working double. You do not have time for that anymore! Switch to Quickbooks Online to easily track your sales, expenses and produce useful financial reports. Have all your ducks in a row at tax time. Quickbooks Online will get you to the next step on the road to success and with our expert guidance the trip becomes shorter and more pleasurable.

Xero is the cloud accounting software made for international companies and e-commerce. Xero makes it easy for currency convertion for businesses with subsidiaries in different countries. It works well for the solo entrepreneur or the retail online store selling worldwide.  Xero makes it easy to see your company’s analytics anywhere you are and at anytime you wish.

Our advisors will train you in Xero, set up the cloud accounting system to match your industry standards, create templates for your reports, and provide continuous support.  Some of the topics included in our free resources are mentioned below. For detailed video instructions, scroll to the bottom of the page. We are here to help you, give us a call to find out how we can make it easier to start in  Xero.

Topics addressed in our training and resources:

  • Set up invoice reminders in Xero
  •  Reconcile a bank account in Xero
  • How to manage inventory
  • Customize invoices with your branding
  • Convert Quickbook files to Xero


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